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Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.   - Maya Angelo

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Donate A Dress

You or someone you know can donate a wedding dress to Unchained at Last. Participants wear wedding gowns at  Chain-Ins to protest forced and child marriage in the US.  

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Create or participate in a Start by Believing campaign

Start by Believing is a global effort to transform the way law enforcement, campus security, Human Resource and Compliance staff, friends, and families respond to sexual assault.

For more information view GGWW's article about the flawed justifications that preclude believing victims and the experience of reporting sexual assault.

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Improve Access to Water

Around the world, women and girls spend approximately 200 million hours per day collecting and transporting water. This often takes priority over attending school. One way to help girls and women pursue education and improve health is to support organizations that improve access to clean water.

Initiate or participate in an Ultra-Lenient Judge Recall Campaign

The most dangerous time in a relationship is when a woman leaves

  • Volunteer your time or donate goods to your local domestic violence shelter.
  • Abuse to pets is a very real threat that can hinder a woman from leaving. A woman may stay rather than leave pets behind. Offer to temporarily take the pets in and care for them until she has secured housing that can accommodate pets. Most domestic violence shelters will not accept pets.

Join the movement to shut down Pornhub

Pornhub is a site that profits from the exploitation, rape, and trafficking of children and women.

  • Watch this video to learn more
  • Email executives at MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and other major payment processing companies to demand they stop processing payments from the pornography industry. PayPal has led the industry by refusing to profit from Pornhub. Learn more here.
    • Update: As of December 10, 2020 Mastercard, Visa, and Discover have suspended payment transactions with Pornhub. American Express had already done so. This is significant progress against the trafficking industry and a demonstration that individuals and organizations can be effective. However, we must remain vocal and vigilant. Make sure these companies know you expect it to be a permanent action.You can find GGWW’s commentary on disrupting trafficking on our Chronicles page.
    • Second Update: Several more companies are refusing to do business or have an association with Pornhub. As of November 2, 2021 Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, Grant Thornton, Comcast/Xfinity, Heinz/Unilever, and Roku have cut ties.
    • Third Update: Instagram/Meta has shut down Pornhub’s Instagram account of over 13 million followers, a key form of advertising for their CSAM, trafficking, and abuse content.
  • The Traffickinghub campaign, founded by Laila Mickelwait and powered by the anti-trafficking organization Exodus Cry, is an effort to end the profiting from exploitation. Sign the petition.
  • Formerly known as MindGeek, the parent company of Pornhub and other adult websites, has rebranded with a new name: Aylo. The name change comes in the midst of several lawsuits alleging MindGeek of profiting from child pornography, sex trafficking, and nonconsensual content. Don’t let the term “nonconsensual content” slip by. That means recording rape and other violence and then profiting by distributing the recordings.

Create Wikipedia Biographies of Women

Women are considerably underrepresented on Wikipedia. Less than 25% of Wikipedia biographies are women and most do not have pictures or illustrations. You can expand the recognition of women’s accomplishments by creating a biography of someone who has made a contribution(s) or impact.

Join or Establish a SACM chapter

If you are a student you can set up a Students Against Child Marriage chapter at your school, or join if there is an existing one. By localizing a national movement, you can impact the future of girls in your area who would otherwise be without an advocate.


Sign an Open Letter to End Online Abuse

Abuse drives girls off social media and silences their voices with harassment, threats, and shame. You can call for stronger reporting measures by signing Plan International’s Letter.

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Truckers Against Trafficking recognizes that members of the trucking, bus, and energy industries are invaluable in the fight against human trafficking.

TAT educates, equips, empowers and mobilizes members of the trucking, bus, and energy industries to combat human trafficking. If you are a trucker or bus driver you can be trained and certified at NO COST as a disruptor – and change the lives of people trapped in exploitation.

If you are an officiant you can do your part to protect children and prevent the human rights violation of forced and child marriage.

Refuse to participate in and perform the marriage ceremony of anyone under the age of eighteen. No exceptions. You can also engage fellow officiants whether religious, ordained, or Justices of the Peace and encourage them to take a stand and refuse to officiate a marriage involving a child.

Join the Coalition for Empowered Athletes

Sports provide great opportunities for children to create community and values. But 13% of athletes experience sexual abuse at least once during their time in child sports. A coalition of parents and guardians, athletes, allies, and advocates united to require hometown gyms, clubs, and camps protect the rights and well-being of child athletes. Join the movement to show your support and get the tools to demand that gyms, clubs, and camps #EmpowerAthletesNow. An initiative of The Army of Survivors and Child USA.

Join the Movement

Save the Children - Girls LEAD Act

The Girls LEAD Act is a bill that recognizes and promotes girls’ civic and political leadership as a priority for U.S. foreign assistance efforts – particularly those focused on building strong and inclusive democracies across the globe. LEAD stands for Leadership, Engagement, Agency, Development. Girls’ voices are excluded from decision making at all levels of community and government. You can support girls becoming leaders by signing the petition at Save the Children’s website and letting lawmakers know you expect them to support this bill.

16 Acts to Stop VAWG

You can raise awareness about child marriage, FGM/C, challenging rape culture, and other forms of violence against women and girls by using the guide provided by The Smile Outreach. Download The Smile Outreach 16 Acts to Learn How You Can Stop Violence Against Women and Girls.

Child Rescue Coalition

Child Rescue Coalition rescues children from sexual abuse by building technology for law enforcement, free of charge, to track, arrest, and prosecute child predators. CRC collaborates with a global force of child exploitation investigators, police officers, digital forensic experts, child welfare agencies and donors to rescue children and apprehend abusers in real time. You can support this work by purchasing care packages that officers can carry in their patrol cars to provide to children upon rescue. By participating in this program, you can spread the word to local law enforcement on who CRC is and how they can be trained in the CRC technology for free.


Say No to Child Marriage With a Click

You can contact state legislators and urge them to support 18 No Exceptions legislation through the Stop Child Marriages website. Stop Child Marriages is a public service announcement by Zonta USA, in partnership with UNICEF USA and Unchained at Last. All that is required is name and email, click and send.

Stop Child Marriages Now

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Stop Rape Now

Stop Rape Now is a collection of action plans developed by UN Action Against Sexual Violence in Conflict (UN Action), a network of 25 UN entities, united with the goal of ending sexual violence during and in the wake of armed conflict. You can participate in one or all of them, and be part of the movement that says girls’ and women’s bodies are not to be battlegrounds.